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Michelle Obama on Study Abroad

On March 22, 2014, First Lady Michelle Obama visited Peking University in Beijing, China and spoke to to an audience of American students studying abroad at Peking University and Chinese students who have studied abroad in the United States. Mrs. Obama discussed the importance of study abroad and other cultural exchanges as well as the stake our two countries have in one another's success.  In her speech, she highlighted the tremendous value that studying abroad could offer:

'Studying abroad isn't just a fun way to spend a semester; it is quickly becoming the key to success in our global economy.  Because getting ahead in today's workplaces isn't just about getting good grades or test scores in school, which are important.  It's also about having real experience with the world beyond your borders -- experience with languages, cultures and societies very different from your own.'

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  • Michelle Obama on Study Abroad

    On March22, 2014, First Lady Michelle Obama visited Peking University in Beijing, China.  Speaking to an

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